Leysa Carrillo


Originally from Cuba, Leysa Carrillo is a vibrant hair colorist based in Las Vegas, Nevada with over nine years of experience. She is a nationally recognized industry leader for her hair color transformations on textured hair and continues to pave the way with her artistic flair and creative techniques. As a Cosmoprof education team member, Leysa is passionate about taking education to the next level in areas such as hair care, trending styles, and the curl movement. When she's not at her salon working with clients, she appears as a respected educator and panelist around the country at some of the most influential beauty industry events and shows. With viral content featured on popular publications such as the INSIDER, Leysa has curated a strong social media presence and strives to use her platform to fuse creativity with technique and inspire others through engaging education. Leysa's contagious smile and energetic personality has carried her through a successful career with global recognition. She was nominated for the American Influence Award and has been recently named Modern Salon's 2017 Top 100. In 2017, she was also recognized by L'Oreal Professional as one of the top 12 most influential stylists on Social Media. She also contributed to the L'Oreal Professional Global Development of the "Colorful Hair" Campaign. Additionally, Leysa is the first female to win two Behind The Chair #OneShot awards.

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